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Wholesale candy supplier is a great term to define B.W. Clifford. In fact we are a supplier of confectionery and snack products. We carry many health and beauty and cosmetic products as well.  Now the title wholesale supplier can be very broad and please keep in mind much of this text is to support our placement under the key word search phrase. As you know or will become aware if you read all of our text much of it is written to support search. We want you to find us under the key word phrases that match our product portfolio and services. So since we are a supplier it makes sense to write this brief. Being a supplier is a great job. I love all the people I meet. Of particular interest is the exporting of products from the United Sates to other countries. I really want to be a major player in this business. I have been working with many customers in this area. As you know we have shipped candy and other products around the world. The true mission though is to get into a regular supply chain. I have three interesting deals going on right now. The first has been going on for a while now. It is with a potential customer in Italy. My customers name is Franco. Franco is a merchant who according to himself has many international contacts, which are interested in US supplier exports. We are currently working on a deal to supply a 40 foot container of Pringles into Naples Italy. Well that is what I am looking for. We have the product, I can supply certificates of origin, sanitation and free sale. So let’s do it and let’s supply candy. I hope this customer is for real. It is a great customer supplier relationship. We have spoken over the phone many times. He seems like a very nice customer and tells me to trust him. Well we will see what happens. I have been working with the US export council and they will look over all paper work so I believe I am in an OK position and will not get ripped off. That is really what I am worried about. I really hope Franco is sincere and that our business relationship and practices grow and develop. I do want to be his supplier and yours. I think it is a great opportunity for any supplier. Since BW Clifford Inc is a wholesale supplier this is so far a perfect customer supplier relationship.

Another contact, which I have been working with, is a broker that has a customer in the Ukraine. The customer is looking for a supplier to provide chewing gum, Orbit Chewing Gum in particular. Now as a note to remind myself I should add a link to this page under chewing gum. I believe this would help support our wholesale supplier page as the chewing gum page as a decent page ranking. Ok back to writing about being a supplier. This particular customer is very nice and I hope we end up doing the deal. We are very close. I have provided supplier certification examples and am waiting for the final OK to make the deal.

I also have a acquaintance from the gym I belong to. His name is George. George is a great guy who is from Georgia. He has friends and business contacts in various regions of Europe. We spoke today and I am hopping we can work something out.

Man, my dog stinks. Poor guy or maybe I am. He probably can’t smell himself. Well he is a great dog. Going on 18 years old. I bath him for about an hour once a week and blow dry. Still stinks. Ok just adding words to support the site and hey Abercrombie stinks but what can you do. As a note I was updating this page and since about 2 years Abers eventually had all he was going to have out of life and I had to put hm down.  We ended up getting a new dog.  Her name is Kia and she is an Australian Sheppard.  Very cool dog and a great Frisbee catcher.  She does not stink either.  Just sheds all over the place.  So just do a word count we are at 703. OK cool on our way to a hopefully high ranking WEB page on wholesale supplier. Keep in mind all I am trying to do is get BW Clifford a wholesale supplier of candy, snack and health and beauty aids where you will look. So I think wholesale supplier is a great spot to look for us and it is my job to get us to show up there, under the criteria wholesale supplier. Now I try to target a specific percent density so that would be about twenty to thirty times to mention the phrase wholesale supplier. A quick word count at this point gives me 885. Ok that is very close to what I am looking to type, which is 1,000 words. My count of wholesale supplier is at 21 so that is close to optimal density of the phrase wholesale supplier, but we must write on.

So in summary as you know BW Clifford a wholesale supplier of confectionery and snack products. We love to sell our products and we are really looking to export out products to either retail suppliers or other wholesale suppliers.

Please call me at (908) 829 0007 if you have questions or are interested in working together. My name is Joel and I am looking forward to working with you.


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