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CXP Brief on Wholesale Candy Distributor and Wholesale Candy Supplier Strategies and Information.

Wholesale Candy Supplier, Distributor, or Store are the perfect terms to describe B.W. Clifford. We are a candy distributor and we are also a supplier and wholesale candy store. Now what is interesting is how the distribution industry has changed. Wholesale candy distribution and supply used to be something the small to medium size business could do. As the mass merchandisers have come into play it has made the market very competitive. For example companies like Wal Mart with their Sams Clubs as well as Cosco clubs have made the market very tough for the smaller businesses. We can compete on price but the margin is so small we need volume to make enough money to even bother. The mass merchandiser wholesale candy distributors are huge. They have also made it challenging for the candy retailers as candy is now sold in the aisles of Best Buy, Bed bath and Beyond, Home Depot, Lowes and other large retailers. So someone had a good idea, just which it was mine.  However as the opportunities come for this type of wholesale candy distribution we are ready to meet them.  I am currently working on a bid to privide this type of service to a large national chain.

However, there is an opportunity for the family business as I will explain. The problem with the large merchandisers is the hassle of going to buy from them as well as the overall service which basically does not exist. I know I am a very busy person. My focus is on selling candy and distribution not on shopping and standing on line. Then to make the situation worse is you end up buying a ton of other stuff you never intended to. Not that it is not fun but it can catch up on you pretty quick. In addition there are all the other stores which just lore you in. I know when I stop by a shopping mall that I go to it near us, it is a couple hours by the time I get there, shop, check out, load the car. Then add to that a, oh well, while I am here I might as well stop at this and that place and all of the sudden it is hours later. All I wanted was my candy and snacks for the candy store and now I am x dollars in the whole and I killed half a day. So that is where we come in as a online distributor and on line supplier.

Sure I want a good deal when I shop but with online wholesale candy shopping you can buy from us and we deliver to you and it is a great deal. I know we can compete with the mass merchandisers on volume deals for example by the case but on the general orders of a box here or there it is not possible. We all need to make a living. So. I price our products fair and adjust based on volume. We are a low cost online candy and snack provider and have a broad range of products. So for me the win win is the customer gets quick easy to find products and to obtain them fairly priced by us the preferred online wholesale distributor, wholesale supplier. Our products are extensive, priced fair and we get to continue serving the customer with wholesale product.

The online distributor shopping experience is really great once you get set up. I know for myself it is a hassle to get motivated, search for a wholesale supplier, set up your account and actually go through the initial online shopping experience but once you find your supplier and get the details down it is smooth sailing. I remember when I started online banking, it was a major pain and I procrastinated. Now years later I just pay bills with ease. Online supplier shopping is much the same. Come and set up your account and buying wholesale candy online, it is easy as a click away.

One of the challenges I have faced, actually one of many in regards to getting this site up, running and visible is the pictures. You can almost see the basic candy store in the site as these items all have pictures. As the business expanded I added many of our other available products but personally fell short on the product pictures. Also some of the product descriptions are a little cryptic. My vision is to really clean this up. The problem I have is time. It takes so much time to take all the pictures of the wholesale candy products that I decided to create the CXP logo. I have gone over the product descriptions many times with bulk uploads and changes using excel and our data port loader but at this point it is a line by line task that needs to be done. We sell over 1500 wholesale supplier products. As I mentioned earlier we need to keep margins low so we can compete. As the online wholesale distributor business grows and volume improves, hopefully writing optimized key word or key word phrase text will help. Let’s face it all I am trying to do here is write about a thousand words of quality content so when our potential customers search, we show up on the top of page number one. I believe this will help with sales, and as our sales increase perhaps I can hire a entry level person to help keep our website up to date with pictures and better wholesale supplier product descriptions.

This also brings up another point that I just thought of in regards to our on line store. I do all the WEB work myself. Currently my top competition has outsourced this work. I am not sure how much they are paying but I came across a web master and he actually was very helpful in guiding me in the right direction when I started this. He told be that the cost is about $1,000 to $2,000 a month. To be honest that is about all I make out of our online candy business. At least so far (date is Jan 2007). Thank goodness we have our traditional wholesale candy distribution business to support us and I still have my Corporate America job which actually pays the bills. My point here is if you look at the prices of some on line stores they are almost twice as high as ours. Now these stores are strongly positioned in the top spots under wholesale candy. Great job by their paid webmaster, I just wonder how much that really costs and how much more business they get. I have a feeling it gets them a lot of business. Other competitors have good placement also but I think they do the work themselves or they may actually be linked to another store. There certainly are other competitors which have better placement than us and I believe they pay for service as well. Their prices are close to double ours. The other challenge is our competition has been on line for ten years or so. I think the search engines consider this strongly as a factor in page rank and positioning particularly around the key word phrase wholesale candy.

Well lets do a word check from beginning to end on this brief on Wholesale Candy, Wholesale Distributor, Wholesale Supplier, Online Wholesale Distributor, Online Wholesale Supplier, Wholesale Store . It is actually kind of fun to write this up, then create the web page and publish it. After this work is done I wait about a week depending on the robot schedule I am on to see how I did. OK word count on the subject Wholesale Distributor, Wholesale Supplier is currently about 1300. Yeah we are there, time to stop writing and to do formatting, tables and links to make all our wholesale supplier products available to you.

So under our main topic of wholesale distributor, wholesale supplier we have subcategories. These are listed below and will be elaborated on as I have time to write. I hope you enjoyed this brief on Wholesale distributor and wholesale supplier strategies and information.

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