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Wholesale Candy Industry Challenges11/6/2010 1:19 PM
Candy prices are significantly increasing along with the cost of gas and energy it is very challenging for a wholesale candy business stay in business and constantly offer value to customers let alone try and grow market share. Cost increases have gotten so bad that there are even discussions on modifying the standards to lower cocoa butter contents to save costs. As of now the existing federal standard for chocolate says that chocolate in its purest state must contain between 50% and 60% cocoa butter. The proposal includes using a vegetable fat to supplement the product at a lower cost. Cleary one can feel the costs increase if you go to your local candy store. It is easy for a consumer to see the price increases right on the shelf. Even chewing gum prices have increased and quite substantially. Even the online wholesale candy business is tightening up. New competition constantly is competing for the top spots in the search engines. Many folks do not realize it but when they do a search online the results change from time to time. On line stores are constantly working to improve their sites to get better rankings by the search engines. It is a very challenging task but ultimately if done right the end results is the best choice for the consumer. This competition is also driving the search engine optimization costs upwards as the resources to do this work are very expensive and online market share is more competitive. There are only ten spots on page one and how many shoppers go past row number five? As supply costs keep going up and being in very competitive market that includes multiple suppliers it is very difficult to stay competitive in the wholesale candy business. Many suppliers are competing for the same market share with thinner margins. There are literal price wars going on in the candy industry now. At BW Clifford we try to differentiate ourselves from the competition by not only offering very competitive pricing but providing friendly service and a broad selection of products. Relationship building is important as well as responsiveness to customer needs. Our candy store offers a complete range of candy in many types, sizes, flavors and colors. Candy ranges from small bagged items for peg lines to large boxes and bags of 120 count or 300 count change makers. The standard 24 count and 36 count candy bars are always a favorite for all occasions and purposes. Chewing gum and mints are also a great ideas. Online wholesale candy shopping is great for all sorts of consumers. The price value is great as they can shop at many stores for price and the convenience of point, click and buy is wonderful. Many customer types enjoy online candy shopping with us including hospital gift shops, end use consumers who prefer to save about 50% on the cost of buying candy in the super markets, to promotion companies doing anti smoking campaigns. So while competition is tough wholesale candy sales are still there for the hard working and those that constantly try to add value for there customers in approving the overall customer experience. Not to coin a phrase but times sure are not what they used to be. It is a very competitive world we are in now and that level of competition has found its way into the wholesale candy industry for sure.
Wholesale Candy is a Great way to Buy Candy11/6/2010 1:19 PM
Wholesale candy is a great way to buy candy as it offers the end user a discount in the cost per candy item. There are many customers that enjoy the benefits of buying wholesale candy. Our complete line of confectionary products is also complimented buy other popular items such as potato chips, popcorn, cookies and other wholesale snack items. These products are perfect for loading vending machines or stocking grocery stores and candy shops. As you shop our website you will see that it is intuitive and easy to navigate. BW Clifford specializes in wholesale candy as we have a selection of over 1,000 candy and snack products. We buy our candy from a variety of suppliers so if you are looking for something we do not have listed chances are we have access to it in wholesale. We can provide all our products buy the box, case, pallet or truckload or container. Now that’s a wholesale Candy supplier.
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