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Trident Gum Chew for Smiles

As the Trident website warns, “Do not open around family, friends and the neighbors down the street.  They’ll all want a piece…” and with so many crave-able , long lasting flavors, who can blame them?

Who can resist the delicious flavor of Trident Gum- especially when it helps care for your teeth?  Trident, the first sugar-free gum, was developed when scientists first took note of the relationship between sugar and cavities.  The first gum to be tested in a clinical study for cavity prevention, Trident Gum provides a lot of dental health benefits- in addition to a happy mouth!  Studies show that chewing a piece of Trident after meals can help reduce the chance of cavities and even strengthen teeth!  In fact, Xylitol, the very ingredient used to sweeten the sugar-free gum helps to loosen plaque.  Trident’s name comes from “Tri,” which means three, and represents the three enzymes found in the gum which help break down tartar and stimulate dental health (dent).  But the best part about Trident is the mouth-watering variety of flavors to choose from!
Whether you enjoy a classic mint flavored gum to freshen your breath after meals, layers of tropical fruit flavors to dazzle your taste buds, or intense flavor bursts to excite your mouth, trident is the gum for you.  Vibrantly colored layers of bold tropical flavors come together to form the perfect stick of sugarfeee Trident Layers gum.  With just one chew of Green Apple and Golden Pineapple layers, made with REAL fruit flavors, your taste buds are transported to a lush, tropical island.  Cool, refreshing Spearmint Trident Xtra Care not only delivers clean, fresh breath, but the addition of milk derived ReCaldent also strengthens teeth while you chew.  One bite into an innocent white square of Orange Swirl Trident Splash will pleasantly surprise you with a burst of sweet and tangy orange and cream flavor.  Though this burst of filling is as tasty as your favorite candy snack, Trident Splash is always sugar free and perfect to enjoy any time the craving strikes.  As says, “Sure, there may be better ways to protect your teeth.  But a squadron of body guards is probably not in your budget.”  Fortunately, Trident is available for our health, and certainly for our pleasure, in an array of flavors and varieties too large to list.
This should make you smile!  If you’re chewing Trident, you probably have a great set of pearly whites to flash.  And you should keep on chewing, because Trident is working to bring smiles to children in need of better dental care across the US.  Trident gum truly believes that “There’s a smile in every piece,” and that, with your help, more children can receive the treatment and education they need to maintain healthy teeth, which studies show is linked with greater success in school. So got out and buy Trident Gum, its good for you.

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