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Candy and Chewing Gum Statistics for 2008
Candy and Chewing gum statistics for 2008 on a US level indicate some terrific information about consumer candy and chewing gum favorites.  Leading the Sugarless Gum Brands are Orbit and Trident Chewing Gum.  Orbit Gum had sales of $218 million for a 3.2 percent increase from the prior year.  Trident gum had sales of $138.6 million for an 8.1 percent increase in sales.

Wrigley Extra Gum had disappointing sales.  This is most likely why the company has recently reformulated the Extra gum including changing the packaging.  Helping in the Wrigley chewing gum portfolio  is their Eclipse Gum which had and increase in sales of 3.9 percent and the Wrigley 5 Gum which is a big hit showing a sales increase of 394 percent with US sales of 85M, 53M in units.  Wrigley Eclipse Gum also had strong US sales of 104M with a 3.9 percent increase in sales although in the US there was a 17 percent decrease in units.

Additional sugar free chewing gum that made the leaders list is Dentyne Ice, Trident White, Orbit White and Ice Breakers Ice Cubes.   Dentyne Ice had disappointing sales both in the US and in units.  Trident White also had similar decreases in sales both in the US and iin units.  Orbit White had a 15 percent increase in sales in te US but also showed a 7 percent decrease in unit sales.  These three gums all have a hard coated shell.  Consumer trends in 2008 indicate this is not a preference of consumers.

Overall the Sugar Free Chewing Gum market grew at a US level to just over 1 billion dollars for a healthy 11.8 percent increase in sales.  The US market had significantly less growth of 1.6 percent for overall unit sales of 819 million units.  To stimulate market growth the chewing gum manufactures are expanding product offerings through new flavors, sleek packaging and features.  Examples of this are the use of Green Tea and Ginseng now being used in Chewing Gum.
In an effort to further increase sales chewing gum is now being manufactured and promoted for its health benefits such as the inclusion of antioxidants, energy enhancements and dental hygiene.  Gums are also coming out with many new flavors and continued packaging enhancements to aid in convenience.
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