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Candy Store Supply Model

Our candy store supply model is based on direct buys for core candy, supplier and snack products as well as a network of larger snack and candy suppliers and distributors. We are able to take advantage of our tobacco sales to qualify as a customer of the larger national candy suppliers. Frequently minimum orders are large and require a minimum order of cases of cigarettes. Our ability to meet these minimums allows us a tremendous breadth of snack and candy products to offer our customers at great prices. The beauty of this is it allows us flexibility as well as great pricing. I have also entertained the use of diverters but have not done so yet.

Frequently in the beginning of the year we will buy a large quantity of candy and other snack items such as candy bars ex. Snickers, Hershey bars, Eclipse gum, chewing gum and all the other favorites that we know are so popular with our customers. Then throughout the year we take advantage of discount candy buys and special deals to load up our store. This buying pattern allows us to offer you great on line candy and snack merchandise and prices. This is our buying pattern.

Diverters are another group that is involved in the candy and snack distributor industry. They are in an interesting distribution node as they buy excess from the mass merchandisers and divert it to customers looking for large candy and snack merchandise. I do get concerned over the reliability of this approach. I also like to make sure I am buying from a reputable candy or snack distributor that I can count on. Some of the folks I have dealt with in this industry just are too quick to want to close a deal. Maybe some day I will feel more certain in thisdistribution model but not now. If the candy or other discounts are significant enough it may make sense. So far the pricing has not been that wonderful meaning not worth the risk so I have not perused this type or source of inventory for our store.

Another vehicle we use to assist as a world class candy and snack distributor is our relationships with brokers. We work the deals. Sometimes in order to help we will supply fulfillment requirements and get great candy and snack supplier deals from brokers. The concept is in order to make a monthly sales quota they need a buyer. They need a candy shop and snack supplier that can buy in volume. Well under the right circumstances we have been able to buy confectionery distributor goods at a significant discount.

So I hope you have found this paper to be interesting and to help inform you of the various candies, snack, distribution, and supplier concepts we use. Once again we spoke of direct buys, diverter options, the use of large distributors, and candy suppliers who require minimum order quantities as well as tobacco requirements and buying direct or on deal. Often the best deals are found at the candy conventions. Here we are able to get great discount candy offers. I will write about them in a later brief on the journey to be one of the worlds best online candy stores.

Bottom line as many of you have learned I enjoy pulling the deals together and creating that win win relationship I speak of throughout our CXP Briefs. As I say, it is a huge world out there. We have access to candy, snacks, chewing gum and all sorts of health and beauty aids. We have traditional candy supplier as well as grocery, snack, health and beauty aids, the list is 1500 plus and in time perhaps it may continue on an on. My name is Joel and I am looking forward to working with you. To Return to Shopping for candy and snacks go to CandyXpress.

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