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Orbit Gum Cleans Another Dirty Mouth
The history of Orbit gum dates as far back as 1944, when Wrigley shipped all production of other gum varieties to the Armed Forces overseas for the troops to enjoy.  With the other brands off the market, Wrigley created Orbit, but discontinued it once the war was over and Juicy Fruit, Wrigley’s Spearmint and Doublemint returned home.  Thirty years later in 1976, Orbit came back…but not in the United States.  It was introduced to Germany, Switzerland and Holland.  Orbit did eventually make its way back around to the United States in 2001 with the introduction of Spearmint and Wintermint flavors, and the US came to rely on the gum for that “Just Brushed Clean Feeling.”
Over the next few years, several new “Just Brushed” flavors emerged, including Peppermint, Bubblemint and Cinnamint.  Orbit White, a new line of tooth whitening Orbit gum emerged in Peppermint and Spearmint flavors.  This sugar free gum is proven to remove stains and whiten teeth when two pieces are enjoyed after meals.  More adventurous flavors like Sweetmint and Citrusmint followed in 2005, and Lemon Lime and Crystal Mint in 2006.  Orbit White became so popular that a large “E Pack” was also produced this year.  The E Pack features a small opening on one side for single servings and a larger opening on the other for sharing amongst friends.  Even more flavors, Mint Mojito and Raspberry mint were introduced next year in 2007, the same year that the gum received the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance.  In 2008, Orbit’s menu of flavors drastically expanded with the introduction of Maui Melon Mint, Strawberry Mint, Positively Pomegranate, Fabulous Frutini, Sangria Fresca and Orbit White Fruit Sorbet.
Orbit Mist, a revolutionary hydrating gum containing Micro-Bursts hits the market, delivering a fresh burst of liquid flavor to mouths and enhancing that “Just Brushed Clean Feeling” consumers have come to rely on.  Three delicious flavors of Orbit Mist, Peppermint Spray, Watermelon Spring and Mango Surf, quickly became very popular.
A particularly humorous Orbit gum commercial features an angry woman storming in on her husband in his office with another woman.  The triangle members begin shouting and hurling insults at each other.  Comically, however, the insults are surprisingly innocent, and not one of the people utters a “bad” word.  The blond, perky, and immaculately dressed Orbit spokeswoman appears to comment on the situation.  “Fabulous!” she exclaims.  “New Orbit Raspberry Mint cleans another dirty mouth!”  Here, of course, the “dirt” puns on physical dirt, or plaque and germs that would build up without chewing Orbit gum, and also refers to the foul language that the people are incapable of using since chewing Orbit gum.  Orbit’s ability to clean mouths is illustrated through the surprisingly “clean” language of the shouting individuals.
Who doesn’t enjoy that “Just Brushed Clean Feeling,” formerly enjoyed only after a visit to the dentist?  With a variety of flavors, it is easier (and much more pleasurable!) to chomp down on a piece of Orbit gum to Whiten teeth and clean up a “dirty mouth!”
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