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A CXP Candy Brief on Mints and Hard Candy

Mints and hard candy are classic confectionery products and are used throughout the world as a simple gesture of thanks, peace and tranquility. One of the themes of our online store is to share various bits of educational information about our products. The following is an article about candy, mints and hard candy. If you are interested in shopping for these types of products please click on our category link or you can click on the product group links below to see some of our more popular items.

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Altoids Mints

Tic Tacs

Altoids are a powerfull tasting mint. I love the can they come in.

Tic Tacs are my favorite mint. We have all sorts of flavors.

Creme Savers

Certs Mints

Creme Savers mints are full of creamy flavor. Enjoy them.

Certs mints are also great for fresh breath and are also very tastey.

Breath Savers

Life Savers Candy

Breath Savers, yes they save you breath. What a great mint to have handy.

Life Savers are awsome candy. Another prodcut that has lasted the test of time.


A favorite mint is the Junior Mint. The Toosie Roll company bought the Junior Mint line from Warner Lambert. The Junior mint has a dark chocolate over a smooth mint center.

The Cadbury Company is another manufacturer in the mint industry. They manufacture great products like the Certs mint. The Certs mint is called a breath mint as it is used to help keep your breath fresh. The need to have fresh breath is now being marketed to the public as a need for all age groups. Talk about an industry. The fresh-breath industry is exploding and currently a $3 billion industry. Giant corporations are all competing for market share. Over the last year and half Kraft Foods, Phizer, the Wrigley Chewing Gum Company and Hershey Foods have all been introducing new breath freshening products. Breath Savers are certainly named for this industry trend. Other very pupular mints are Creme Savers and Life Savers.

The mint is also an accessory item that goes across many demographic lines. We have even heard from individuals in the news, regarding descriptions of the effects of Altoids. The Altoids mint in a way actually changed the definition of what a mint could be. Another great mint product that comes in a cool case are Tic Tacs. Mints are now an essential lifestyle accessory particularly among young adults, predominantly in urban areas.

The Hospitality mint is another type of mint product. These mints come in mass volume and are used to distribute in the hotel and restaurant industry. As a method to create warmth and hospitality. To shop for mints and hard candy or if you like

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