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Candy & International Distributor Model

International distribution and international candy and confectionery supply is a critical growth area for B.W. Clifford Inc. Our philosophy is the world is full of people and nations are growing and maturing at unprecedented paces. If we look at our leaders in industry we see corporate America bringing products to Asia, Europe, South America, Australia, Africa and many emerging countries. Following the lead of major corporations and their suppliers we clearly see the potential of the international distribution market for wholesale candy and other products. So my mission is to support this market as a international candy, confectionery, candy distributor, and candy exporter.

We are a wholesale exporter of candy, snacks, grocery products pretty much any product you can find in a convenience store that is not shelf life limited as noted in our web page dedicated to convenience stores. We have great products in the United States and one of my personal missions is to share them with the rest of the world. We also have great service and I believe that is an additional value add. I know that when I plan to spend some money I want to have confidence that the company that is working for me can do the job and is committed to it. That high performance is standard. When we are preparing a international distribution candy order I tell my team "Guys you are the last ones to see this stuff for a month plus and it needs to be right". Bottom line is we deliver. We inventory our pallets, label them, and inspect each case for shelf life. Often I do the work myself.

I am targeting our distribution business into growth markets. I am personally involved in all aspects of the business. So Joel is here to deliver for you. That’s small business making it happen. The standard for my customers is "basically I do not need to worry", Joel has it covered. That is what we offer. We do the job and we do it right. When doing work in the international distribution markets reliability goes a long way. It costs so much to ship product and takes so long that errors are tough to deal with. They just need not to happen.

While nailing down the details of a good international distribution deal are complicated at the end of the day it boils down to supply and demand. Emerging countries deserve to be able to benefit from the pleasure of our products. In addition to these "treats" basics such as Tomato Sauce, and Oatmeal are needed. Wholesale groceries are needed by many. So my personal objective is to set up supply lines to emerging countries so the people there can enjoy the great candy, snacks, health care, and grocery products we do every day.

I think it is a win win. We have a market with demand and a supply to offer. I enjoy working the international supply side. It has a flair of the big business yet it is still entrepreneurial. I like that. I also like the fact that basic products such as oatmeal, tomato sauce, chewing gum are needed in the world by a lot of people and BW Clifford Inc is there to provide it. Kind of cool.

B.W. Clifford Inc located in NJ. We are very close to the international seaports. As a international distributor it is critical to be near the sea ports. Barges and barges travel in and out of the ports every day. I want to be part of that. Moving into the international distribution market is a very logical progression for us. As a candy distributor moving into international sales is basically just more of the same stuff. The US government is also very helpful in providing guidance. I have found a wealth of material. One concern I have is that all business and transaction be within the guidelines of the law. The great thing is as a small business we are encouraged to participate in internal trade. It makes sense. We are a service country so why not service the world in not only technology but also wholesale candy and other convenience store products.

I am very interested in this aspect of the international distribution business model. It is amazing how by creating a online candy store we have been exposed to this potentially phenomenal industry/opportunity. So I have a new goal now. Start a regular flowing supply of product exporting from the United States by the container to international suppliers. I believe we can fill a niche in that international distributor market.

A great resource that the United States Government provides to help small business compete in the international market is This web site has been very helpful in at least giving me confidence that this industry is valid. To a small business operator going international is a big step. Totally cool to do but kind of amazing as you do it. So my other focus now is to work our supply side a bit. While we provide awesome wholesale candy prices compared to other on line distributors when shipping by the container every dime counts. Lots of dimes per pallet.

Depending on the product pricing can be at somewhat of a commodity-based level. I like the value add. Provide the commodity items like Eclipse Gum but also be able to get the hard to find stuff like Hershey Mocha Almond. That’s what we can do for you. I have also set up accounts with specialty suppliers so our customers can try new products that we do not currently have on a regular basis.

I am looking forward to working with you and setting up a supply chain of groceries and wholesale candy to you. I get emails regularly soliciting products. We are committed to closing deals and proving product distribution internationally. I am convinced the market exists, there is demand and there is supply. My job is to pull that together and make it happen. Please be a part of this and let’s do business together. Use B.W. Clifford as your international distributor and candy supplier.

We offer tons of candy alone, not to mention how many other great products we supply

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