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CXP Brief The History of Candy in a Handy Candy History Time Chart



1868 - Richard Cadbury makes the first Valentine’s Day box of chocolates

1880s - Candy corn was created by the Wunderle Candy Company.

1890 - Hershey milk chocolate bar was made.

1893 - Juicy fruit gum was made

1896 - Named after his daughter’s nickname, Leo Hirshfield introduces the Tootsie Rolls.   Some other interesting history I recently leaned about is that “In 1935 the company was in difficulty due to possibly loosing a key customer.  Bernard D. Rubin was able to restore the company to health.  He died in 1948 after significantly increasing the comanie sales.  The company has a great history.
1896 - Cracker Jack popcorn was invented (prize inside was invented in 1912)

1898 - Goelitz Confectionery Company also begins making candy corn.

1893 - Juicy fruit gum and Wrigleys Spearmint gum was introduced by William Wrigley Jr.

1890 - The first Hershey milk chocolate bar is invented by Milton S. Hershey.

1907 - Hershey Company makes Hershey Kisses

1908 - Toblerone chocolate is invented by a man named Theodore Tobler

1912 - The New England Confectionery Company makes wafers. Also known as NECCO wafers

1912 - Mint flavored Life Savers are created.

1912 - Clarence Crane of Cleveland, Ohio, invents Life Savers.

1920 - Baby Ruth were made and named after President Grover Cleveland's daughter instead of the baseball player.

1922 - Mounds were made

1923 - Milky Ways were invented and designed to taste like Malted Milk, made by the Mars family.

1923 - Reeses cups are made, which are now known as one of the top selling candies.

1924 - Bit-o-honey were made

1925 - Mr. Goodbar were created and are known for the combination of creamy milk chocolate and crunchy peanuts

1926 - Milk Duds were formulated, the original idea for the milk duds was for them to be perfectly round, finding that wouldn’t work, the word "dud" was used.

1927 - Raisinets were invented

1928 - Heath Bars were made

1929 - Twizzlers company is established.

Late 1920s - Butterfingers were made, and were the second top selling candy at that time. They were made by the same company that made Baby Ruth bars.

1930 - Snickers were designed and were named after the family’s horse.

1932 - 3 musketeers were made, named after four musketeers. However the company decided to only use three: Porthos, Arthor, and D’Artagnan.

1932 - Ferrara Pan Candy Company creates Red Hots

1933 - Kraft Caramels were made

1938 - Krackel bars were invented, at the time had almonds in the recipe. Not long after, it was decided that the almonds would be taken out.

1941 - Plain M&Ms  were made, and are known for the six different colors.

1948 - Peter Paul Manufacturing Company makes Almond Joys.

1949 - Junior Mints were designed and it’s believed that they were named after the Sally Benson stories, from the New York Times and published in a book named Junior Miss.

1949 - Smarties were made

1951 - Jolly Ranchers were created and are loved for their long-lasting flavor.

1954 - M&Mswere improved and were now also had M&Ms with peanuts in them.
1958- Candy necklaces were created

1960 - Starburst fruit chews were invented in England, then being imported to America in 1976

1963 - Sweet Tarts were made

1976 - Jelly Bellies were created during the Civil War but officially made the Jelly belly candies in 1976.

1978 - The Reeses Company made Reese’s pieces, which was ETs favorite candy in the movie, E.T which was released in 1982.

1980 - Gummi candy Bears were made

1992 - NECCO makes conversation valentines hearts

1992 - Dove dark chocolate bars are made

2005 - BW Clifford Inc starts their on line store.

2006 - BW Clifford Inc found on Google under Wholesale Candy

2006 EOY - BW Clifford Inc has decent search engine placement (must stay modest)

2007 - 1Q BW Clifford targets new words such as candy store reengineers much of site layout. Waiting to see results. Used SEO tools 1st time.

2008 - Beginning 1Q2008 focused on the History of Candy.  Building blocks for the future.

2009 - July some PITA causes me to change URL and actually gave me the opportunity to fix a lot from prior summer migration.
2009 - August made lots of improvements and site is reindexing, still waiting for page rank, started to move backlinks.

2009 - August 30 2009 changed domain using google webmaster tools.  See page rank in webmaster tools but not on tool bar.  Not much presence on title words.  But seems to be improving.  We'll see what hppens now that formally said moved.









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