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Harry Potter Candy by Frankford Candy Company

What is a Fizzing Whizzbee, You Ask?

This summer, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter became the seventh island in Universal’s Island of Adventure in Orlando, Florida.  As the Daily Prophet paper featured on Universal Orlando Resort’s website describes, “for the first time, guests can visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and stroll the streets of Hogsmeade, exploring the sights, sounds and magical wonders therein.”  Honeydukes sweetshop, frequented by Hogwarts students on their days off, is now open to the public!  Featuring such sweets as Acid Pops, Fizzing Whizzbees, Chocolate Frogs and Every Flavor Beans, Honeydukes will certainly be a delicious way to be a part of the magic.

Of course, you can find Harry Potter themed candy, manufactured by Frankford Candy company, in other specialty candy shops, and even in some drug stores.  The candy typically becomes easier to find around movie release dates to help fans get in the spirit. 
Frankford Candy was established in 1947 as a small Easter candy manufacturer.  The company quickly gathered speed and grew.  By the 1970s, Frankford Candy needed a larger facility; it had become a leading national manufacturer of seasonal candies.   Since 1994 when Frankford Candy put new coporate strategies into action, the company was able to establish partnerships with global brands like Nickelodeon, Disney and Harry Potter. 
If the candy varieties seem daunting in title, one try will certainly make up for any initial anxiety.  Though Ron Weasley told Harry Potter about a rather unpleasant experience with an Acid Pop as a child, Acid Pops are certainly not acidic enough to burn a hole through one’s tongue.  The neon green color of the pop, however, does suggest a sour sucker!

Fizzing Whizzbees are sherbet candies enjoyed by wizards and witches for their delicious flavor - and for a few moments of flotation above ground!  Though you may not actually leave the ground while enjoying a whizzbee, you will enjoy a very magical fizz, similar to the effects of Pop Rocks candy, in your mouth.
Chocolate Frogs are, perhaps, the most popular treat sold throughout the Wizarding world.  On their first train ride to Hogwarts, Ron assures Harry that the treats don’t contain actual frogs- just chocolate bewitched to hop and ribbet like frogs!  Though your chocolate frogs will likely remain stationary, they do contain famous which and wizard cards which young wizards like Harry and Ron collect.

Jelly Belly, famous for the gourmet jelly bean, began producing every flavor beans years ago in the spirit of magic.  Everyone knows Jelly Belly produces hundreds of delicious flavors, but when it comes to Every Flavor beans… well, they mean EVERY flavor.  Aside from flavors like peppermint, cinnamon and strawberry jam, a pack of every flavor beans may include flavors like ear wax, liver, and yes, even vomit.  Though these flavors are decidedly disgusting, part of their fun lies in the apprehensive first nibble of each bean.  Each flavor is surprisingly accurate!

A magical twist in the candy industry, Harry Potter themed candy will be enjoyed by many at home and in the Wizarding World theme park.  It’s presence in super markets will likely spike before the arrival of the final Harry Potter movie in theatres this fall.

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