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Extra Gum Flavors - Extra Chewing Gum History

In 2007, Extra Gum was one of the first chewing gums to receive the approval of The American Dental Association.  Extra Gum was backed by almost 20 years of research and evidence that proves that chewing Extra helps fight cavities and improve dental health.   Only a year later, Extra introduced a new line of fruit flavored gum called “Extra Fruit Sensations.”  These amazingly long lasting fruit flavors include Island Cooler, Berry Paradise, Sweet Watermelon and Strawberry Banana, but the new Fruit Sensations sub category would see lots of playful expansion in the years to follow.  2007 also witnessed a change to the Extra packaging to a slimmer design known as the “Slim Pack.”  The Fruit Sensations line gained so much popularity that Extra decided to expand it to include new Smoothie flavors in 2009.  Berry Smoothie combines the delicious flavors of blackberry and blueberry with the creamy taste of a smoothie, and Mango Smoothie combines the delicious tropical taste of mangos with strawberries.

Perhaps the most unique and exciting addition to Extra Gum flavors has been the most recent.  In 2010, Extra introduced new Dessert Delights- flavors inspired by real desserts!  These flavors include dessert favorites such as Mint Chocolate Chip, Strawberry Shortcake and Key Lime Pie.  Extra has accomplished the impossible- captured the taste of everyone’s favorite indulgences in a low calorie, long lasting, flavorful treat!

How long does Extra Gum actually last?  It’s hard to say, but online reviews everywhere praise the gum for its fabulous taste AND flavor duration.  The vibrantly colored, fifteen stick packages are sure to last quite a while.  As the Extra website describes, chewing a stick of Extra gum can “trigger a state of perpetual enjoyment,” and the makers of Extra challenge you to “pick up a pack” and “put down that snack.”  Extra believes that the long lasting enjoyment their gum provides is enough to satisfy snack time cravings and keep you fit and healthy.  The website provides several healthy living tips, and refers to a stick of Extra as “The One Piece That’ll Help You Get into Your Two-Piece.”  Enjoying a stick of Strawberry Shortcake Extra Gum instead of your usual afternoon snack can save you hundreds of calories and help you lose those pounds.  Similarly, chewing a stick of Mint Chocolate Chip Extra Gum instead of succumbing to dessert temptations at a restaurant will save you a surprising amount of calories. Extra also suggests ordering water instead of calorie-packed soda, enjoying a salad instead of an appetizer, or sharing an entrée with a friend.

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