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Dove Chocolate Moments

What sets Dove Chocolate, the ultimate in indulgence for many chocolate lovers, apart from other chocolates?  Many that prefer Dove enjoy it for a “richness” and “smoothness” that they say surpasses other brands of chocolate.   The Dove website,, prides itself on these very delicious attributes both in website design and content.  The website background features shiny and silky chocolate ripples, and presents dove chocolate as an opportunity for a very luxurious and very personal chocolate experience.  A short video clip presents a beautiful, smiling woman in a brown silk gown.  As she enjoys a small piece of Dove Chocolate, a wave of chocolate silk envelopes her and blossoms into large, glossy chocolate roses throughout the room.  The clip ends as the silky wave reveals a Dove Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar.  Smooth chocolate writing spells out “My moment, my Dove,” and invites the viewer to embark on his or her own luxurious chocolate moment.  In fact, links to Facebook and Twitter actually invite the viewer to tell Dove about his or her own “moment.”

What makes Dove so confident in the luxurious personal experience that accompanies their chocolate?  It likely has to do with the quality of ingredients that Dove incorporates into their recipe.  A section of the website headed The Dove Chocolate Difference reveals their use of 100% pure cocoa butter as an important distinction between Dove and its competitors.  The website also references careful attention to detail in the technique by which the cocoa beans are roasted and processed into chocolate.  Dove prides itself on both the silky smooth texture and rich, complex flavor produced.  The website points to Dove’s focus exclusively on chocolate treats as another significant reason why the company maintains such confidence in its products; 100% of its energy is dedicated to chocolate perfection.

Perhaps Dove’s confidence in its product also stems from the positive global impact Dove has been able to achieve thanks to research on chocolate sustainability.  In order to combat the problems, both educational and agricultural, that face small cocoa farmers around the world, Dove aligned itself with the Smithsonian institute in 1998 to hold a workshop on sustainable cocoa farming.  The principles discussed throughout the international conference are still put into practice by Mars as well as other companies, and Mars continues to research sustainable practices which will benefit many who earn their livelihood through cocoa.

After one reads the The Dove Story, the reason why Dove confidently delivers personal indulgence along with rich, complex flavor becomes even clearer.  The first ever Dove bar, a chocolate-dipped ice cream treat, was created with love by a father with his son’s best interest at heart.  In the 1950s, Leo Stefanos, a Chicago candy shop owner, created the first Dove ice cream bar as a means of keeping his young son from venturing out into the dangerous road in pursuit of the ice cream truck.  Leo dedicated a lot of time to perfecting the recipe, and after his death, his son took on the business and continued his father’s work.

Not only does the Dove Chocolate web site provide the viewer with a history of chocolate in general, it also provides a rich history of the production of Dove’s luxurious chocolate treats.  As it was first created for Leo Stefanos’s young son, Dove is enjoyed both by sweet-toothed children and adults alike.  Even those with a more sophisticated palate enjoy Dove’s rich, complex flavors, and can find suggested wine pairings for each chocolate favorite.

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