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BW Clifford Testimonials

I love candy and my favorite place to order it from is BW Clifford. My favorite type of candy is Twix. I love it so much because it is real caramel and it warms my mouth up every time I have it. I also love to have twizzlers. Once you take a bite out of one, out comes a flavor that is too good to describe in words. I also like that once you take a bite of the twizzlers it tastes really hard and once you take one or two bites of it it’s really soft and still the scrumptious taste is there. Another one of my favorite candies are Three Musketeers. I love them so much that my dad has to hide them from me.

My favorite kind of candy is Cellas Chocolate covered candy. I love them so much that they make me feel great. The taste of smooth chocolate on the delicious cherry is out of this world. Simply mouth watering. I also love the basic Hershey bar and traditional snickers.

The order arrived in Madrid and I just wanted to let you know all candy well received and the order checks. Thanks for your help, and I'll be in touch when time comes to
place the next order.

I love the Big League Chew gum. It is a sign of baseball season. I love to chew Big League Chew when I am on the mound pitching. I also like David Sunflower Seeds. They taste great and a awesome on the ball field.

BW Clifford has a great selection of products. The service and friendly staff are great. The best part is you can actually call someone and talk about your needs and get a great deal. Thanks BW Clifford.

Joel it was great talking to you today. Thanks for working with us. We received our order on time and all things were in tact. Thanks for pulling it all together for us.

BW Clifford you really helped out. My Grandchild got her candy on time. I appreciate you working this out for us with such a little lead time.

Joel we got our product in Spain today. Thanks for working out all the logistics. The order looks good and we will be back for our next one.

Our buyer across the pond is very happy with their order. Thanks for the great service and being so responsive.

Candy is good, candy is sweet and it puts me in a good mood when I am in a bad one.

You guys are great thanks for the super products and on time delivery.

Thanks for your great service and being so helpfull. We got our candy on time. You really made it happen. Thanks

Wow the little league loves this stuff. We will order from you over and over.

Thank you BW Clifford. My daughter's New York wedding needed 240 Fifth Avenue candy bars for the out of town guest bags. None of our local stores carried that candy bar in any significant quantity. BW Clifford to the rescue. Not only did you get the Fifth Avenue bars in the quantity I need but you shipped them right to my door in record time...You're a great resource.

We have a major amount of kids who come to the door for Trick or Trick candy on Halloween. I live alone and just had hip surgery BW clifford and my candy order was delivered promptly and well packed. Thank you

Funny story for all you candy lovers. I love candy, all kind; gummies, chocolate, mints, sour balls, Laffy Taffy , and the list goes on. You know how you're supposed to change your password periodically for security purposes, well I use a candy related password. There are so many choices: MM Peanut, Twizzler, Hershey Almond, Chunky, Snickers, Mason Dots, York Patties, Pay Day and that's not even touching the  list. When I run out of candy bar names I'll start using mints: Lifesavers, Altoids, Mentos, Tic Tac to name a few. And don't forget the gum Trident, Dentyne Ice, Orbit, Splash, Wrigley , Eclipse
Almost endless possibilities.. Go for it candy lovers. Advertise your habit.

How does a candy bar get its name? Who named Twizzler,why Starburst  and for heavens sake what is a skittle that it deserves to be attached to that delicious candy?  BW Clifford needs your help explaining this candy naming process.

My grand daughter is a teacher with the Peace Corps. I wanted to send her some Hershey bars, MM plain, Dove Bars and Reeses Peanut Butter cups to give to the children in the third world school where she is teaching. BW Clifford shipped the package directly for me. I just received a repeat request for some Life Savers , Altoids and Bubble Gum and I intend to use the same service. it can't be beat.






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