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Confectionery Industry Ascending in Sales, Recent History and Predictions

The confectionery industry, despite an economy in recession, is ascending in sales and popularity.  Even with a health cautious world, chocolate, non-chocolate and gum sales are all predicted to rise as years pass by. However, the odds would seem to be against the confectionery industry, yet profit margins are expected to grow. With chocolate on top of the confectionery empire, it rakes in the majority of all confectionery sales yearly. Non-chocolate trails behind but still brings in a good share of the confectionery sales. Gum is responsible for the smallest share in sales.

Chocolate sales in 2007 were reported as being just below 80 billion dollars. Majority of the sales came from chocolate counter lines, which are accountable for over 25% of chocolate sales. Tablets, on the other hand, are responsible for a decent share of the 80 billion dollars in chocolate sales. Tablets sold 18.6 billion dollars while boxed assortments sold a close 15.1 billion dollars, leaving seasonal and others accounting for the remaining sales. While all types of chocolate have seen an increase in percentage of sales from 2007-2008, this percentage will again increase from 2008-2013. However, sales of tablet and other types of chocolate are predicted to not have as substantial of an increase as seen in 2007-2008.

The non-chocolate industry in 2007 had seen sales close to 45 billion dollars, while the 2008 sales came very close to 49 billion dollars. Having seen a percentage increase in sales from 2007-2008, the projected future for 2008-2013 is to also see an increase in sales in many of the various non-chocolate types. Again, just like the chocolate industry, this increase is much smaller than before. For example in 2007-2008, boiled sweets saw a percentage increase of 11.9% in sales, but it is predicted that from 2008-2013, the percentage increase will only be as little as 3.2%, which is shocking as this increase is over a 5 year period compared to 2007-2008’s 2 year period. The economic recession may have played a huge part in this as consumers take their focus away from secondary confectionery items such as non-chocolate and more towards the more popular chocolate industry.

The gum industry coughs up a mere 15% of all confectionery sales, but is a major candidate in the expansion of all confectionery sales. In 2007, chewing and bubble gum made a total of 20.1 billion dollars total. The year after, gum made 22.5 billion dollars, which is an 11.9% increase. Nevertheless, most of the sales increase is from the chewing gum half of the gum industry. In 2007, chewing gum made 17.3 billion dollars while in 2008 it made 19.7 billion dollars. Bubble gum, however, went from 2.7 billion dollars to 2.8 billion dollars. These sales figures show where companies should concentrate sales to expand profit.

Despite the odds, sales are increasing ever year. In 2007, total confectionery sales equaled 141.2 billion dollars, and in year after sales increased to 158.5 billion dollars. This substantial gain is expected to repeat, and by year 2013, total sales are going to reach above 180 billion dollars. Without a doubt, the confectionery industry can be expected to be successful for years to come.  Wholesale candy and candy store sales should stay strong despite increasing new players in the market.
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