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Chewing Gum, Antioxidants and Energy

Chewing Gum is taking on a new role.  As we saw in the mint industry the chewing gum manufacturers are reinventing their products.  In order to increase consumer demand chewing gum is now being introduced in many new flavors, packaging styles and offering features such as health improvement and enhanced energy.  Chewing gum is becoming the medium to transfer desired additives to the consumers such as Green Tea and Ginseng for energy.

The word out in industry is to “Make it healthy, make it exciting and make it easy”.  That is the mantra being called in order to keep the number one confectionary category at the top.  Chewing gum has been linked to weight loss, oral health maintenance, stress management and increased concentration.  The calorie conscious consumer certainly benefits from Sugar Free Gum.  The Wrigley Company has actually done scientific research indicating the benefits of chewing gum in the areas of weight management, oral health and stress and concentration.  Chewing gum can burn 11 calories in an hour and also provides and alternative to eating other foods.  Orbit gum caries the American Dental Association Seal of Approval because it is proven to fight cavities.  A study conducted by the Congress of Behavioral Medicine indicates that chewing gum may help reduce stress, improve alertness and relieve anxiety.

Chewing gum as an energy supplement is a new offering.  The popularity of energy drinks and all the buzz about this functional trend is being incorporated into chewing gum.  Bonus Gum is a new product which offers flavors of Green Tea and Energy.  This gum delivers antioxidants.  One piece of Green Team Gum is the same as two cups of tea.  They also have a chewing gum which infuses real cranberries also offering antioxidant properties.

Solar Energy Gum is made with 100 percent natural ingredients.  This gum is about as healthy as it gets.  The gum does not contain any dyes, preservatives, additives, artificial flavors or colors.  It is safe for diabetics, vegans; it is kosher soy and gluten free.  The gum energizes the consumer with antioxidants and has a plethora of vitamins such as B6, D, calcium and ginseng.  Solar Energy Gum comes in Peppermint Planet, Satellite Cinnamon, Moon Mellon, Spectacular Spearmint and Planet Wild Berry flavors.

Fruit flavors for chewing gum have also been a recent enhancement to product offerings.  Consumers have clearly indicated a preference for fruity gum.  New flavors such as Trident Passionberry Twist combine the fruit flavors of passion Fruit, Black Berry , Raspberry and Spearmint Flavors. 

In the make it easy area is new packaging that has come to serve.  Convenience to the consumer is the focus demonstrated by Perfetti Van Melle.  They put there Mentos Gum into a flip top bottle offering portability and convenience.

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