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CXP Brief A Detailed Description of the Candy Store and Candy Shop


As you approach the building the store front window has a picture of the M&M guy and some other candy signs. Once you enter you can see the lines of age and history. The building goes back into the 1900's I would imagine. We have a really cool architectural drawing of the building when it was designed. I'll have to add that picture one day. It is in my folks house.

All along the wall of the right side of the store are large built in shelves to hold the candy. It is kind of funny how the candy is organized along the candy wall in the store. Actually just before this candy section is the chip section. We have all the pretzels, potato chips, cheese curls and all the other chip products. We have the most popular candy bar products closest to the packing tables. Then we have mints and hard candy section, which is, followed by the chewing gum section and then cookies, and snack item products.

This brings us to the back of the building. There is an old loading dock from when we used to get tons of cigarettes. I remember as a kid climbing on six foot high cases of boxes. Me and my brother would climb them and hid in between them. Must have drove my dad and grandfather nuts. "Do not climb on the cigarettes you will bend them". So at any rate we do not sell that many cigarettes as that industry has simply changed with peoples behavior trending to less smoking.

Now in this area we do a lot of our hand packing of candy such as when we sell stuffed stockings full of sweet candy. We also have some bulk candy stations for repackaging. Once through this area we get to a similar wall of built in large cabinets. I forgot to mention earlier but the cabinets are about 4 feet wide, three feet high and deep, so they are pretty big. The candy and other product storage cabinets go all the way up the walls about twenty feet high. We also have these old fashioned ladders that slide on rails along the walls kind of like a real old library.

So as a blog reader I know you are dying to know what is on the other walls. Well it is meet snacks, more snack products like salty snacks, granola bars, and nuts. Then moving toward the front of the shop we come to our health and beauty aid section. We have products like Advil, Tylenol and other pain relief products as well as a modest selection of other health and beauty products.

Continuing down this wall we have our cigarette products. We carry all brands and sell about a 500 to a 1000 cartons a week. Then following this section we come to the change makers candy section.. Keep in mind this is candy from floor to ceiling about twenty feet high.. I want to share a visual of the store. I also have some architectural drawings, which I can include. They are from when the store was first built. Kind of cool to think about as I am building our online candy store but instead of a physical store it is a virtual on line candy shop. Got to love it.

OK, back to my write up. So as you go past the bulk candy there is a door down to the basement. A perfect place to store candy. In order to get to the basement we have a conveyer belt that goes down the stairs. I remember as a kid getting rides up and down the conveyer belt. It was fun. Actually if you think about it back in that day before all the video games a candy store was pretty cool. A number one to have in the family. Back to the conveyer belt, well it is a tricky conveyer belt as the up down switch is a toggle switch. So you would think that facing the conveyer and the switch from the side with the right side down the stairs and the left side up that when you hit the switch right the conveyor would be down and left up to the main level of the store. Nope right is up and left is down. So the art is to make sure you know this, so when you have a bunch of cases of candy preloaded, that you turn the switch the right way or else all the candy falls on the floor.

So let’s say we go down the stairs to the basement. In the basement we have about 2,000 to 3,000 square feet of storage space. This storage space is key to allowing us to sell wholesale. We have cases and cases of candy all stored on pallets. We maintain proper humidity to assure fresh candy and we also take advantage of the basements naturally cooling nature to assure no melting or temperature problems. We are particularly careful with our chocolate candy. We do not try and store too much candy but as I mentioned in a previous brief we buy large amounts of candy on deal. That is how we offer such great prices.  Well we will see. I hope you enjoyed reading this web and if you did I am sure you will enjoy reading about a little history in the candy business, and other sections of my blog on writing about BW Clifford Inc.

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