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A Candy Nightmare Story

This story is called a Candy Nightmare written under the Bed by Candy Corn. For the character Snickers, I chose a monkey because like Snickers they are very curious. They will try everything. Snicker’s has been a Candy Corn addict for ten years. He is also addicted to other less severe things like Chocolate, gum, and nuts. He has tried every sweet he could get his hands on since the age of 13. For Lollypop I chose a baby tiger because she is tough but still very fragile and can easily have a bite taken out of her. Almond Joy is a bird because when Snickers left to find Lollypop he flew after him in the clinic van to help out. And Reeses is a stallion because he is very protective of the people in the clinic just like a stallion is with its herd.

My theme focus is of a Candy Corn because this story is all about candy and how the characters in the story ate so much of it on Candy night. I think that the main message in the story is to teach people what candy can do to you. I think that Candy Corn wanted to share his life experiences with the public because he thought that he could save at least one person from the fatty life that he had lived.

The scene that I have chosen was when Lollypop ran away from the clinic and Snickers, Almond Joy and Reeses went to find her. I chose to dramatize this scene because it was a very important part in the story. This part tested Snickers. He was in a candy house and there were sweets of all shapes and sizes all around him. This scene showed how strong he really was.

Once Snickers finds out that Lollypop has left, he runs out of the clinic door and onto the street to try and find her. His friend Almond Joy, from the clinic, goes after him with Reeses, Snickers counselor, to help out. Reeses only came along to make sure that everyone was safe, as he always does.

After about ten minutes of walking Snickers hears a car coming. The car slows and starts to creep alongside him. Snickers ignores it. He keeps looking straight ahead. The window goes down and he hears a voice that he knows. A voice that he likes and that he can trust. "Hey, Snick! You forgot something!" Snickers turns around to find Almond Joy and Reeses in the in the clinic van. Almond Joy is holding his coat, the coat that he had lent Snickers when he first got to the clinic. Almond Joy stops the van and Snickers gets in. He tells Almond Joy to hurry to the Bus Station in Candyapalis. Now that is a funny candy story.

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