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BW Clifford Inc specializes in selling bulk candy.  Bulk candy is a great way to buy candy.  It offers the end user a discount in the cost per candy bar or pack of chewing gum or what ever the end state unit of measurement for resale is.  There are many customers that enjoy the benefits of buying bulk candy.  Theaters, gift shops, promotion companies, wedding planners or folks looking for  wedding candy, vending candy route owners and candy stores have all benefited by buying bulk candy.  Our complete line of confectionary products is also complimented buy other popular items such as potato chips, popcorn, cookies and other wholesale snack items.  These products are perfect for loading vending machines or stocking grocery stores and candy shops.

As you shop our website you will see that it is intuitive and easy to navigate.  Shopping for bulk candy and snacks can be done from the main page by either using the links in the center table of the home page or using the hyperlinks set up throughout the web sites text such as the links for wholesale candy, candy bars, chewing gum, vending candy and other popular items.  Another great way to navigate the site is using the major categories on the top left side of every page.  Shopping by category is real simple as all our products are organized by major candy category.  Under the major categories are subcategories and product groups.  Some great examples of product groups are Dentyne Gum, Extra Gum, Eclipse Gum, Wrigley Gum, Orbit Gum, Snickers, Starburst, Twix, York Mint, Twizzlers, Reeses, Nestle Crunch Bar, Skittles Candy,bulk M&M, and Hershey Candy.  You can even shop by candy box size such as the popular 36count, 24 count or 48 count items.  In addition shopping my manufacturer is also a option.

Bulk candy is one of the major product categories we have.  In this category we have our smaller size large quantity items.  They are typically included in boxes, tubs or large bags.  Product counts range from 120 count, 240 count to 360 count boxes bags and tubs.  These candy products are also referred to as change maker candy as they usually sell for a few cents a piece as opposed to a full bar which usually sell for around a dollar depending on the item and market.  Some popular examples are nestle crunch bars, reeses cups and mint balls.  Theoretically I could have included more products under this major category but it appeared to be too redundant and really was just a replica of the major category candy.

We specialize in bulk candy as we have a selection of over 1,000 candy and snack products.  Our web site also offers a fantastic search function which offers both basic and advanced search features.  We buy our candy from a variety of suppliers so if you are looking for something we do not have listed chances are we have access to it in bulk.  We can provide all our products buy the box, case, pallet or truckload or container.Now that’s a bulk candy supplier.

Another key feature about our bulk candy products are they are all wrapped.  Many of our customers prefer this.  If you want to place a special order for a large amount of unwrapped bulk candy please contact me to see if we can obtain it fo you.  I have done this for a few suppliers but only if the volume of the purchase justifies the effort.  I am sure you understand.  One example of this is for bulk gumballs to be put into gumball machines.

In addition to the great selection of wholesale candy and snacks we offer, discount candy prices, ease in website shopping our UPS delivery process to your door truly capitalizes the “C’s” in Clifford's The Convenient Candy Store.  We also work directly with freight forwarders and private shipping companies for larger orders.  For local deliveries we have our own truck which we use and customers can always come to the store to shop for candy or to pick up their products.

We have a great selection of bulk candy at our store. Bulk candy is great for rack and counter displays and also appropriate for weddings. We carry many brands such as Atomic Fireball, Butterfinger, Blow Pops and Colombina mint balls. You can buy in bulk or in smaller quantities. Please visit other sections of our candy store for great prices for all our products.

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