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A Teenagers View, How and why to buy candy and some fun candy history


Do you ever feel like a kid in a candy store, with tons of possibilities of which candies you can buy? You look in every direction of the store, and there are so many different types! Were you one of those children who would buy candy whenever you got your allowance? I remember doing that when I was a kid; I'd be the first one running to the nearest candy store, and I'd use all the money I owned to buy a lollipop or two.

My favorite candy to buy is probably the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I loved the chocolate sensation mixed with the delicious peanut butter; it's so light and creamy.

At our wholesale candy store you can buy wholesale candy, healthy snacks and many other types of merchandise as well. From beauty items to automotive products to sunglasses, we sell a wide range of items on our website. Our main objective is for you to find and buy candy, we have bulks of candy available for you to buy. This is a great option if you're celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other big event, or if you decide to sell candy as a fundraiser. Any reason that you can think of why you'd need big amounts of delicious treats we have them here!

This candy store is filled with wholesale candy, which means everything is selling for a great price. Your satisfaction is a priority when buying through this website. Our company has many varieties of candy to be bought, and buying our candy will be beneficial to you. Once you try some of the candy we sell, you will want to buy even more of our scrumptious treats. We promise you will be very satisfied. Some of the favorite American candies we carry are Snickers, Reese's Peanut Butter cups, M&M's, and Smarties.

Did you know that a bagel contains more fat than fifteen (15) jelly beans or more fat than a lollypop? So you don’t have to worry, if you eat some candy you’ll instantly gain weight. New types of candy are being invented everyday to help make the desirable white teeth, or to prevent your smoking habits. In 2004 alone, 995 new candies made their first appearance in the confectionery business.

- 395 of which were non-chocolate product

- 325 new chocolate products were made

-189 snack bars were produced

- 86 only were new types of chewing gum

One of the first candies manufactured was a box of Whitman’s chocolates. As seen in our candy timeline, this occurred in 1854. Followed by the chocolates, where even more chocolates that were used to celebrate Valentine’s Day, which happened in 1868.

This is a huge advantage, especially with what we own today, compared to how cavemen used to enjoy a sweet treat. They would do so by digging honey from beehives. It’s traced that the Egyptians made forms of candy, about 3,500 years ago. Fruits and nuts were coated in the honey, making it possible for them to also have a sweet treat. In 1200 B.C. the first cocoa bean was grown by the Olmec Indians, which they used to trade. In Maya tombs from around 250 B.C., artifacts of a chocolate drink were found. By the mid 1800’s, over 380 American factories were producing candy. In America today, citizens eat about 11.8 pounds of candy per year. Today, you are now able to buy a huge variety of candies from this website. We offer tons of candy alone, not to mention how many other great products and wholesale candy we supply.




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