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Our Candy Store Sells Candy at Discount Candy and Cheap Candy Prices.

This document is written to describe our candy store and cheap candy prices. It gives some general comparative information about pricing for popular products. I did the analysis using the most popular search phrases. Or at least the ones I think are the most popular based on my analysis.

Just a brief introduction about ourselves in case you landed on this page first. Our candy store is located in Morristown NJ. We have been in the candy business for three generations. We are a candy store that sells retail and wholesale candy. Our on line pricing is based on the volume discount model.  Please go to our contact us page for additional contact information.

The volume discount model as you can imagine simply lowers the product cost a volumes increase. While I know the customer always wants the lowest price the volume discount model equates volume and price. So when we sell retail the price will be higher than on a wholesale candy sale. One day I hope to get the business big enough so that we can extend wholesale prices even to the retail customer. But for now the candy store can only do so much. The fact is though as you look at the table below you can see how our candy store prices are very competitive. I did this pricing study in May of 2007. I went to some of the other online candy shops and looked up prices for chocolate candy, sweet candy, chewing gum, various candy bars, hard candy and bulk candy. I looked under the search phrase candy store and wholesale candy to get to the stores. I picked the pricing from Google Page 1 sites. I think I have a good set of candy suppliers and candy stores, which I chose from. I believe this population also covers the candy distributor class as well.

 Results of our Candy Store Candy Cost Competetive Analysis

Candy Description

Competitions Candy Store Price

 Our Candy Store Price

% Savings With BW Clifford

Life Savers




Snickers 48 ct




Twix 24 ct




Dentyne Ice 12 ct




Milkyway 36 ct




Laffy Taffy




As you can see even our standard non-volume discounted prices are significantly less than our competition. So we are a candy store that sells candy at wholesale prices. With this price sample I tried to select candy and chewing gum that fit into some of the main target product lines of our store. I chose the Life Savers as a Hard Candy, the Snickers as a Candy Bar, the Twix is also a Candy Bar, the Dentyne Ice is  Chewing Gum, the Milky Way is also a Candy Bar. These Candy Bars can also be considered Chocolate Candy. I also included Laffy Taffy in the study to represent the Bulk Candy Category of merchandise. Our candy company has very competitively priced candy and I assure you good honest service. That's just the way we do business




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